Wedding Bells Are Ringing

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Before you say ‘I do!’ there are many things to consider with your insurance.  First, you may want to place your engagement ring on a personal articles floater.  This will insure your beautiful new ring for all types of losses, including misplacing it!  This coverage is fairly low in premium and can be easily added with a copy of your jewelry appraisal.  Second, as you hire your caterer, florist, photographer and seamstress/tailor, you’ll want to make sure they are insured.  What if your caterer left the potato salad in the van for 2 hours in 90 degree heat?  What if your wedding flowers ended up across town at Mr. Schuberg’s funeral and you end up with a sympathy wreath instead of a bridal bouquet?  What if the video of your first dance ends up on YouTube as an ad for dance lessons?  And what if you find out that your seamstress left a straight pin in a VERY unfortunate location while you are saying your vows at the alter?  All of these horrendous situations could happen!  And although it won’t spare you the embarrassment, if they were adequately insured you could be compensated financially if you decide to take them to court.  Third, your reception hall may request a certificate of insurance.  This can be provided by your home insurance company, even if you only have renters insurance.  Your personal liability coverage will extend to reception halls if you call your agent and ask for the endorsement or proof of coverage.  Fourth, you’ll want to put both of your cars on the same auto policy.  This is a great time to shop around for the best rate!  Ask for a quote adding your car to your fiancé’s policy and vice versa.  You can determine who has the lowest rate and best coverages.  While you’re updating your auto policy, you’ll also need to increase your contents coverage on your home policy to cover all of those fabulous wedding gifts!  And finally, as you take off to enjoy your honeymoon, you can rest easy knowing your coverage goes with you anywhere in the world!